Debra St. John

My guest today is Debra St. John.

Debra been reading and writing romance since high school. She always dreamed about publishing a romance novel some day. She lives in a suburb of Chicago with her husband, who is her real life hero. Her debut release, "This Time for Always" is a Champagne Rose and Rosebud bestseller at The Wild Rose Press. "Wild Wedding Weekend" and "This Can't Be Love" are available now. "A Christmas to Remember" will be her fourth release from TWRP.

Debra - Hi Anne! Thanks so much for having me here today and allowing me to celebrate “Christmas in July” to talk about my upcoming release.

Anne – My pleasure, Debra. What one or two lines best sums you up as an author?

Debra - I’ve adopted “Sultry Romance. Sexy Heroes. Spunky Heroines.” as my tag-line.

Anne – Love it. Tell us about your most recent release.

Debra - A Christmas to Remember is coming November 2, 2011. It’s my first novella. In the past I’ve only published full-length novels, so this is a new experience for me.

Here’s the blurb:

Newly single, Heather Morgan gathers her courage and decides to take a Christmas ski vacation on her own. However, the festive holiday atmosphere reminds her how dispirited and alone she feels. When she meets a mysterious stranger, her lonely vacation takes an unexpected turn.

Sam is at the resort at the urging of his brother, who thinks he needs to get out and have a little fun. Having no desire to get involved with anyone, Sam needs a way to get his brother off his back. The intriguing Heather seems like the perfect solution to his dilemma, so he makes her an offer she can't refuse.

Sam restores the joy of the season to Heather. Their time together is magical, something she'll never forget. Soon her feelings for him deepen beyond their romantic holiday fling. But Sam has a secret, one that could prevent the fantasy from ever becoming real.

Anne - How long does it take you to write a book?

Debra - It really depends. I’d say about a year, from start to submission, for most full-length manuscripts. I wrote A Christmas to Remember in about six weeks. My publisher has a dead-line for holiday submissions, and I made a goal to meet that dead-line earlier this year.

Anne - How many books have you written to date? Are you most proud of one in particular? If so, why?

Debra - I’ve written four full-length novels (Three are published with The Wild Rose Press and I have plans to shop the fourth one around.) and I’m about ¾ done with another. I’ve also written a novella (my upcoming release) and a short story (which is available as a free read).

In my first published novel, This Time for Always, I introduced a cast of secondary characters I hoped to create stories for, to have a series of sorts. Zach got his story in This Can’t Be Love, and Jake’s getting his in “This Feels Like Home” (my WIP). This was something I’d dreamed of since high school, and I’m so proud and thrilled that I’m so close to seeing this dream come true in its entirety.

Anne - Outside of writing, what accomplishment are you most proud?

Debra - Ten years ago this fall my husband and I bought a 1920’s ‘fixer-upper’ two flat. The first thing we did was convert it to a single family house, and over the years we’ve put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into renovating and restoring it. We’ve re-done two bathrooms, remodeled the kitchen, landscaped the property, and have done tons of cosmetic work: floors, mouldings, paint, etc. We now have a beautiful home that is truly ours in every sense of the word.

Thanks again, Anne, for having me here today. Readers can find me at:

Readers, for a chance to win a PDF copy of a book from my backlist (sorry…A Christmas to Remember isn’t available yet), since we’re celebrating “Christmas in July” today, tell me your favorite thing about Christmas.

Anne – Thanks so much for dropping by today, Debra. I love your question and have to add my 2 cents worth! My favorite thing about Christmas is Christmas Eve. It’s family time. We have a quiet meal, then open our gifts. It’s perfect!

Okay, readers, your turn. What's your favorite thing about Christmas? Leave a comment, plus your email addy.

Happy Reading!

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  1. Hi Debra and Anne
    It's great that your dreams are coming true, Debar, both with your writing and with your house.
    In answer to your question, my favourite part of Christmas is when my grandson comes round to put up all my Christmas decorations for me. He's been doing it since he was about 9 (he's 17 now) and we always have a fun evening together!

  2. I am always so impressed with people who stick to a deadline to write a book...particularly a six week deadline! Congratulations on following your passion. It is great inspiration to all of us. My favorite thing about Christmas? Every year my aunt makes stockings and fills them with goodies. Once quite elaborate, she has now resorted to filling them with Uno bars. I don't know about you, but I'm not a fan of Uno bars, but I still love the handmade stockings and the thought behind it!

  3. Thank you Paula and Annie! So glad you could drop by. :)

  4. Thanks for such a special article and Christmas in July is a great time to celebrate. We used to have the holiday where we camped and everyone would decorate for Christmas..only time when you could do it and wear shorts. ha ha We used to always win a prize no matter where we went but I have a Santa for a hubby. His idea to decorate is not less then 2000 lights and lots of extras. We now live in the country and all around our house is strings of lights and buildings he decorates. One neighbor across the field from us had company..she told me her company looked out her window and commented " I didn't know you lived close to a village". My neighbor then informed her it was just one house all decorated and every tree had strings of lights from one tree to another. I did not do any of it..all done by my hubby. I guess this is special to me as I do look forward to it every year. I never know what he is going to do as every year is different. susan Leech

  5. Wow, Susan! I can only imagine so many lights. Must be lovely, and thank you for sharing. (Would you consider lending your hubby out?!);)

  6. Hello All,

    I know I am late and out of touch, but an unplanned health emergency kept me away last week.

    Anne, thanks for having me.

    Paula, thanks for stopping by to say hello.

    And, Susan and Annie, thanks for sharing your holiday celebrations. Lots and lots of lights certainly are lovely and festive. And I love the tradition of stockings onthe mantle.