Steady Goes the Race

Recently, I read a book that offered advice on how to succeed as an Indie author.

It urges writing faster than the competition, publishing multiple books per year, and promoting the bejeebers out of them on social media.
That may benefit young writers with unlimited and boundless energy, but for those of us with a few more miles on our computer keyboards it could be a recipe for disaster.
At this stage of my life and career I know my limitsDoing things at my own pace will not only reduce the number of mistakes made, but make the process that much more enjoyable.
Being consistent and staying focused on what I want to achieve may mean I've a great deal more in common with the tortoise than the hare, but it's important to remember how that race ended!

Whether your goal for 2014 is to lose weight, exercise more, read more or write daily, make the decision to enjoy the journey each and every step of the way. 

Do you have a tip or strategy to help us achieve our heart's content? Share it below in a comment and your name will be entered in my AKA January Reader's Draw. The winner will receive a PDF copy of Love & Just Desserts. Good, go and show up that pesky hare!

* * *


  1. Anne, I agree. Sometimes we're so focused on the destination that we forget to enjoy the journey. On the subject of writing several books a year, I spoke with the head librarian at my local library and was told that the library prefers authors who release ONE book per year. Interesting!

    1. IMHO, Pat, the journey is the most important segment of the entire process. I understand the comment from the librarian, but with ereaders I wonder if readers have less patience than they once did.

  2. I always thought the tortoise was way more interesting than the hare. Steady as she goes, Anne.

    1. LOL, Pat. Sometimes it is the quiet ones who have the depth of personality!