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Defending Glory by Anne K. Albert

Defending Glory

by Anne K. Albert

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Writing For the Love of Money

A recent article in The Guardian reported 54% of traditionally-published authors and almost 80% of go-it-alone writers make less than $1000 a year

Obviously, the majority of authors write for reasons other than to earn an income. 

I cherish the solitude. Shutting out the real world for a few hours to inhabit a fictional place is therapeutic. 

Am I dismissing the value of being paid to write? Of course not. It takes months to write a novel, but being read is more important to me than fame or fortune.

I dream of my books going viral and reaching thousands of readers. For that reason they'll soon be available not just on Amazon but at Barnes & Noble, Kobo, the iBookstore and in print via Createspace. When that happens, you'll be the first to know!

If you're a writer, why do you write? If you're not a writer yet have other aspirations, would you pursue them even if there was little or no financial gain? 

Share your thoughts in a comment below and your name will be entered in my AKA January Reader's Draw. The winner will receive a PDF copy of my short story collection Love & Just DessertsGood luck! 

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  1. I think in stories. Some are worth writing down. Some become jokes at the dinner table or random comments on Twitter and Facebook. Yes, I dream of the right person seeing the right story at the right time so that it (variously) goes viral, hits the NYT bestseller list, gets made into a movie staring Meryl Streep. I tell my wife I wish I were passionate about a career that made money like, well, being an undertaker or a U.S. Senator. But, I write, I guess because that's where my addiction is.


    1. Like you, Malcolm, I sometimes wish I had the resolve to play the games people play, but I know myself well enough to know it would never work. I love the control of being Queen of my Universe, and suspect most creative people feel the same.

  2. Well, of course my next book will be a million seller, right? ;) But I think many people write because they have something to say (or think they have something to say) and they want someone else to hear it. Just think...5 years ago, Mary Doe had very little chance of having a book published about her great uncle and how he loved playing the harmonica to his chickens. Now thanks to Kindle, she can publish it without having to pay thousands to a vanity publisher. She probably gets the same number of readers, too.

    1. I agree with you, Steve, that most authors are eternal optimists and while we know the odds of making it big we continue to believe we'll be the exception to the rule.

      As for the Mary Does of the world, kudos to her for her tenacity, passion and belief that others will enjoy the antics of her harmonica playing uncle as much as she does.

      Instead of asking why? Mary should publish her book I ask why not?! And like you, I'm thrilled to see the last of those vanity publishers. They've broken enough hearts and bank accounts.

  3. I've never written for the money. My dream has always been to see a book I wrote on a bookshelf in a REAL book store. I felt that If I ever made any real money from my writing; it would be "icing on the cake." I'm not sure if that will ever be a reality, but I have achieved the dream in a way; I am now on eBook shelves with a trilogy published by BooksToGoNow! CONNECTIONS, the Trilogy, is available in both print and traditional copy from Amazon, and in eBook format from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and various other epublishers. More of what goes on in my head will be available soon for your enjoyment! LOL!

    1. Congratulations, Janette. We've been online friends for many years and I'm SO thrilled for your success! Keep writing those stories in your head. :)

  4. I think people who get into writing thinking they are going to make a living at if from the start (instead of the years and years of work it takes) are delusional. Not to say that it CAN'T happen but the odds are so against it. But that shouldn't be the reason one puts pen to paper. If it is, the stories will reflect that and eventually become formulistic, showing no growth by either writer or character.

    I write to take readers away, to have them experience the emotions of the story. Whatever money I make from that, no matter how small, is the "icing on the cake" for me.

    And if I didn't write, the people in my head would take over and have me running in the streets speaking in a foreign language LOL!!

    1. It's interesting, Pat, how some people when learning a writer is about to become published has this idea they will soon become rich and famous. I think what is possible, especially now, is that writers are able to make a meagre income from their words. One fact that seems to be raised is that writers NEED to write...for physical and mental reasons. Btw, if I see you running on the street I'll be sure to say hello!