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Defending Glory

by Anne K. Albert

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Wednesday Writing Tip

Wednesday Writing Tip: WRITE TIGHT.

Write concise. Write brief. Write succinct, curt and terse.

Write as if you have to pay for every single single word you use. Never let your love of words get in the way of the story. Focus on what is happening. Be frugal with your words and the reader will thank you. If you've done your job well she'll even forget she's reading because she'll be living the story and experiencing the action with the protagonist.

Do you skip over the verbose parts of a story? Have you ever stopped reading a book because of an author's long-winded tendencies?

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  1. Anne,
    Yes to both of your questions although, fortunately, neither happens very often. 99.9% of my reading is mystery/suspense novels and I rarely see too much description/detail in the books I read. I have come across it in other genres though. Another reason to stick to mystery!

    1. I think you may have hit upon something I hadn't thought about, Patricia. The mystery along with the red herrings isn't filler. It's important to the reader so she can beat the protagonist to the finish. (Thank you!)

  2. Michael Crighton was renowned for being verbose, to the point where readers would skip multiple pages just to get on with the story. Nothing loses a reader faster than blah, blah, blah. Great post, Anne!

    1. Yup. It's that blah, blah, blah that drives me crazy. I'll skip it everything, and doubt I'm the only reader to do so. :)