How to Fuel a Writer's Passion

There has been a lot of talk lately about the 'perfect' price of an ebook. For a number of months FREE seemed the best bet to gain a readership. Then, the so-called experts did a 180 when it seemed readers were not reading those freebies. As quickly as they downloaded them to their ereader they forgot about both the book and author. 

So what is the best price for a work of fiction? 

Unfortunately, I have no idea, but I do know what it means when you support an author by buying her books.

For starters you're buying more than just a story. You are buying hundreds of hours of failure, experimentation, trial and error, writing, re-writing, editing, polishing and re-tweaking until the author feels as if her eyes are bleeding. (Seriously!) 

You're buying days, weeks, months and often years of frustration, blood, sweat and tears, along with a handful of awesome and amazing moments of PURE JOY. 

You aren't just buying a work of fiction. You are buying a piece of the author's heart along with those hidden places in the back of her brain. You're purchasing a part of her soul and a mirror into her creative life. 

Want to continue this encouragement? Follow the author on Amazon. While you're there why not leave an Amazon review? Not only does your opinion matter to the author, your comments will help new readers connect with her. 

Most importantly, your purchase allows the author to continue writing. You are gifting the author more time to delve deeper into other stories that otherwise would not be written. 

You are providing the fuel for the author's passion.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for buying books (print and e-copies) and for showing your support for ALL writers. 

Happy Reading!
* * *


  1. How true Anne. The average reader has no clue how long and arduous writing a book can be. Well put.

    1. It definitely is a process as you know, and not for the faint of heart!

  2. Great post, Anne. This is so true. Something just as true is this...I used to have a tweet in my list that said:

    Thank an author, Write a review.

    So there's two ways to appreciate authors: Buy their book AND write a review

    Blessings! Renee-Ann <><

    1. I love the simplicity of that tweet, Renee-Ann! I may just borrow it in the future. :)